Welcome to my studio!

Since 2015, I have been teaching private students, sectionals, and group lessons from ages 6 to 75! I teach everything from first flute lessons to lessons with college students and advanced musicians. Teaching is one of my greatest passions and I would love to work with you, wherever you are in your experience.



Flute lessons are available in 60, 45, or 30-minute blocks. I teach in my home studio and online (which means I can teach all over the country!). Lessons are tailored for each student to align with your goals.



My teaching style is a holistic approach that encompasses effective practicing methods as well as a focus on mental health and healthy thinking patterns.

Here's what I emphasize in lessons:

  • Tone - getting those high, low, and middle notes out clearly, confidently, and in-tune

  • Technique - scales, solidifying fingerings, flexibility, range, and more

  • New repertoire - how to play musically with etudes and solos based on your playing abilities

  • HOW to practice in an effective and healthy way - my tips, tricks, and methods

  • Most importantly, mental health - I challenge my students with music but support you in life. I teach about boundaries, overworking, and prioritizing physical and mental health over all else. Human first, student second.


Private flute lessons with me are perfect for:

  • Students who are preparing for auditions (regional, all-state, college, competitions, festivals)

  • High schoolers who are planning on majoring in music in college

  • Students who want a challenge outside of band and want to learn additional repertoire

  • College students who are looking for a new perspective and practice tips

  • Woodwind doublers who want extra flute advice and resources

  • Adults who want to explore their love of music!

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Ali is an exceptional, encouraging, and patient teacher. She has given me a firm foundation in practice techniques, tackling new music, and building my tone. But most impressive to me, her primary focus is always my enjoyment of playing. Ali never loses sight of the fact that playing music is supposed to be fun and fulfilling.

Ali excels at tailoring lessons to the individual. She distills complex musical concepts into bite-size pieces, works on the basics but also finds music that is fun and pretty to play. She has a way of keeping my enjoyment and self-confidence at the center and she adapts her style to my musical, personal and logistical needs on any given week.  I noticed that Ali’s focus on a patient and generous attitude towards myself carried over into other areas of my life. The experience has been unequivocally positive and I recommend her to anyone.

Julie M.

Ali is competent, patient, fun, thoughtful, and motivating. She keeps Nathan engaged in lessons and he loves getting to play music he enjoys. We are very grateful for everything she does and for guiding him through his music education!

Benedicte K.

When Ali agreed to teach me, I had not touched my flute in almost 40 years. To say that I was rusty, is a grave understatement. And I had major gaps in my knowledge of music theory. Needless to say: I was scared and insecure about my first meeting with Ali.

My fears proved to be unfounded. I met a young woman who was eager to help me get back into playing and to make sure that the experience was enjoyable and motivating.

Ali was able to relate to my special needs as an older adult who was playing on the novice/intermediate level, and she was able to produce a growth in me that I could not have foreseen. As a result, I strongly reconnected with my flute and music in general, and after just a few months I was brave enough to play with a friend who accompanied me on the piano. We even played for a group of friends!

My life has been enriched, and I cannot thank Ali enough for her gentle, determined and insightful teaching style that speaks volumes about her abilities and talent.

Iris B.




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As a music educator, I understand the challenges of working with individuals and small groups in the band setting. Coachings and group lessons are a great option for schools at all levels. I can elevate the abilities of your band by getting less experienced students up to speed, and helping more advanced students shine in concerts and competitions. I offer short-term and long-term sectional help and individual support, and can bring additional chamber repertoire to work on with students.


Alison is an extraordinary teacher and clinician. She instantly grasped exactly what the students needed and quickly led them to be better flutists. Her professionalism, enthusiasm, and musicianship are at the highest level.

Steve Zimmerman, Department Head and Director of Bands, Northwestern Regional High School, CT



My main goals of music-making are instilling creativity, confidence, and meaning. I find it important to gauge students and teach to their level of interest. Some students are interested in making music their priority, taking auditions, and pursuing a career in music, while others play instruments for the enjoyment of music and the connections that they can make with others. It is important to teach the fundamentals of instrumental performance in a way that emphasizes why basics are taught, how to improve upon them, and how that makes a difference in the music that students encounter.  All students are going through their own unique problems and changes, and I challenge myself to meet the emotional, mental, and intellectual needs of each student. I strive to show all students respect and treat them with dignity, resulting in a stronger sense of self-worth. I believe that students are more likely to be motivated to learn should they know they are being listened to and valued as individuals.


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