My goal for every event is to be professional, easy to work with, friendly, and provide a quality performance.

I am available for these performance settings:

  • Churches

  • Weddings

  • Museums

  • Recordings

  • Chamber Music

  • Orchestra

  • Solo Recitals

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We asked Alison to be the musician for our wedding, playing whilst our guests arrived and then afterwards during the recessional.

That’s not a small ask – and Alison came through beautifully.

I remember getting ready in the Bride’s Room of the mansion we’d chosen for our wedding venue, hearing the notes of her flute drifting up the stairs. It was a lovely accompaniment that helped calm my nerves and ground me in what I was doing and the commitment I was about to make.

Before writing this, I went back and listened to the recording of her music from the wedding video, and it took me right back to that wonderful moment. Thanks, Alison, for your caring, warmth, professionalism, and talent!

Grace Judson, bride


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