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Flute Teacher Bundle

The Flute Teacher Bundle is a curated bundle of downloadable materials, resources, and handouts for flute teachers to use with their students. Take, use, and adapt whatever you like from these documents.


Included in the Flute Teacher Bundle:


  • Intermediate Flute Scale Book (Already bought it? Email me at and I'll send you a coupon code for this bundle!)
  • Flute Resource List for advanced and aspiring flutists
  • Mini Musical Glossary
  • General and Daily Practice Tips

  • Scale Practice Guide

  • Flute Maintenance Guide

  • Weekly Practice Checklist

  • Weekly Practice Planning Chart

  • Sound Concept Map

  • Music Practice "Comfortable" Graphic

  • Music School Selection Guide

  • Major Pentascales and Arpeggios

  • More Warm Ups

  • plus additional resources as they become available


Buying the bundle includes lifetime access AND lifetime updates. Additional resources will be added periodically.


If you're interested in only the Intermediate Flute Scale Book, you can buy the digital version here, or the physical version here.


Are you a music teacher that doesn't teach flute? Consider checking out the Music Teacher Bundle.


Please remember that these are resources I created for the explicit use of you and your students, not for sharing with other professionals, teachers, or for resale. I trust you to use these resources in a fair and ethical way with respect for my work and intellectual property.

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