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Hi Parents!

This page gives some info that will help you build a productive practice environment at home for your child.

flute teacher playing sheet music


What is your job as a parent of a music student?

Since your child is taking lessons, you have a responsibility to help them get the most out of their experience.

Parent Expectations:

  • Be involved in your student’s learning by encouraging them to practice most days per week, asking them if they are having any problems or need any help, and making sure they practice all of their assignments. While I aim to teach them self-sufficiency, I expect you to hold them accountable!

  • Make sure your student has their required materials including a working instrument (and bring it to get repaired as soon as we notice a problem). This may also include audio equipment like an external microphone if I can't hear them clearly through the computer.

  • Help your student remember to come to studio class each month.

  • Communicate with me as much as possible in terms of problems your student is facing at home or at school, special learning needs, tech questions, schedule conflicts, and anything else that can help make lessons a more enjoyable and productive environment.

  • Read and respond to emails that require a response in a timely manner. We are all busy individuals, but I expect you to be committed to your child’s experience in lessons, especially if we’re doing virtual lessons and I don’t see you each week. We are a team, and I can’t do this alone!

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