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Journaling for Creative People

This morning I finished another journal and I figured this would be a good time for a PSA to express how much journaling can change your...

Advice From the Other Side

I promise you that no one your age knows what they are doing, some of them are just better at hiding it.


When our primary goal is looking good at what we do, we suffer. When our primary goal is learning and growth, we approach life differently.

How to Play High Notes on Flute

The problems with high notes range from getting lightheaded, forgetting fingerings, or just plain not being able to get the notes out.


All humans are creative beings, whether or not we were told this as kids or adults.

Slow Practice

Young musicians can benefit immensely from this patient process and they will grow into self-aware teachers of themselves. Slow practice pro

What Do You Value?

Don’t spend your time and energy working towards a goal that isn’t yours. During the pandemic, we’ve all been confronted with ourselves...

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