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The Intermediate Flute Scale Book

The Intermediate Flute Scale Book is a collection of scale exercises for intermediate flutists ranging from 6th to 12th grade, as well as adult amateurs and woodwind doublers. This book bridges the gap between simple scale sheets and advanced scale books that many students aren’t ready for.

What's included?

Included in the book are one and two octave:

  • Chromatic Scales (1-3 octaves)

  • Major and Minor Scales

  • Major and Minor Arpeggios

  • Scales with Neighbor Tones

  • Scales in Thirds

  • In ALL Major and Minor keys



  • A page of tone and warm up exercises which can be adapted for a range of players including harmonics, long tones, and intervals in the full range of the flute

  • A Scale Practice Guide with tips on how to practice scales effectively

A less experienced student who is just starting to learn scales can start with one octave major scales and arpeggios and grow into each other exercise as they progress. A more experienced student will be challenged by practicing scales expressively at faster tempos and with different articulations.

This book is available in digital and physical copies.

Want a free sample?

Click below to download a free sample from the Intermediate Flute Scale Book: chromatic scales in 1, 2, and 3 octaves.​

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