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Sound Map graphic

Sound Concept Map

Sound Concept Map as a graphic chart with descriptive adjectives for:

  • tone
  • articulation
  • rhythm
  • pitch
  • expression
  • dynamics
  • phrasing


This graphic is also included in the Flute Teacher Bundle and Music Teacher Bundle.


Good and bad are words not descriptive enough to accurately describe sound or music. They are also subjective, and those opinions might change from person to person. This chart includes tons of descriptive words which are not only more realistic, but help you decode the problem areas and find solutions.


Please remember that these are resources I created for the explicit use of you and your students, not for sharing with other colleagues, professionals, teachers, or for resale. I trust you to use these resources in a fair and ethical way with respect for my work and intellectual property.


Product comes as a digital download PNG file. 2160x1620px - prints cleanly on 8.5x11in printer paper to hang in your studio or practice area!

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