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A come and go as you please community of musicians who want to stay in love with music.

Exist musically without pressure to be perfect in a way that is joyful, explorative, exciting, curious, restful, and mindful.

The Mindful Practice Room: Welcome


This is not about learning how to press buttons faster, this is about incorporating creativity and mindfulness into your music and your life.

Join our virtual practice room to gather inspiration and stay accountable. Join anywhere from your living room to your college practice room.

The session will begin and end with guided practice thoughts, with plenty of time to practice with curiosity, mindfulness, and exploration.

The Mindful Practice Room: Text


Any musician: student, hobbyist, or professional who wants to develop healthy practice habits within a community of thoughtful musicians. You only need your instrument (or voice), and some music to work on.

The Mindful Practice Room: Text


Meetings will be held every week on Thursdays. They will begin at 1pm EST and last for 1 hour.

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All sessions will be held on Zoom. Meeting details will be sent via email half an hour before each session.

The Mindful Practice Room: Text


The Mindful Practice Room is a come and go as you please, welcoming, accessible community for all musicians. In an effort to keep the community affordable and flexible, there are 2 different payment options available.

  1. Pay what you can: a custom donation for just this week’s session to provide ultimate flexibility.

  2. Recurring payment: If you plan to come frequently, this option will allow for seamless participation. You can come to however many sessions a month as you want.

NOTE: Payments for each session will be accepted up until one hour before that week's session. Any payments received within 1 hour of the start time will be apply to the following week's session.

The Mindful Practice Room: Text


Suggested donation $5-15

($2 minimum)

Pay for this week up to 1 hour before the start of the sesison.


The Mindful Practice Room: Price List


(billed monthly)

Your first payment will apply to this week if it is received up to 1 hour before the start of the session.

By setting up a recurring payment, you'll receive access to the Mindful Practice Bundle:

  • Weekly Practice Checklist

  • Weekly Practice Planning Chart

  • Sound Concept Map

  • General and Daily Practice Guides

The Mindful Practice Room: Price List


The Mindful Practice Room offers a sliding scale to allow for economic equity and a more inclusive and accessible music world. This model is inspired by The Green Bottle Model from Alexis J. Cunningfolk.

  • The highest cost reflects the true cost of the sessions. If you plan on attending regularly, have access to financial security and traditionally wouldn’t qualify for sliding scale services, this is for you.

  • The middle cost is our acknowledgment that paying the full cost would prevent some people from being able to participate, but who honestly aren't struggling to meet basic needs each month.

  • The bottom cost recognizes that many individuals would struggle to participate without a deliberate opportunity to access these sessions. If the lowest tier is still prohibitive, you’re welcome to use the custom donation option to pay whatever is feasible each week you attend.

  • If you would like to attend regularly but know that you can't come every week, feel free to select a lower tier.

For those who can’t afford music lessons, this is an excellent resource for accessing frequent, high-quality musical guidance at a low cost. The Mindful Practice Room is an enriching, thoughtful community for all musicians.

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The Mindful Practice Room: Image


  • Guided practice thoughts throughout our sessions to offer inspiration and new strategies

  • Check in with other musicians in the chat; share what you’re working on or what roadblocks you’ve been encountering in your practice sessions

  • Bring whatever music you want to work on; this Zoom room is your practice room (but with lots of encouragement, accountability, and thoughtfulness)

  • Camera on or off - you’re welcome here!

  • Come every week or pop in for the weeks you’re available

The Mindful Practice Room: Text


Practice fundamentals or current repertoire

Score study

Listen to recordings




Explore new music

Chat with other musicians

The Mindful Practice Room: Text
The Mindful Practice Room: Testimonials

One of my biggest takeaways from the Mindful Practice Workshop was to compare progress to comfort, not perfection, and to watch that goals aren't overly dictated by external forces.

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