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What do I need for flute lessons?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

These materials are essential for flute lessons to get the most out of your experience. (Click on the underlined links to purchase).

*Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through some of the links in this post

Flute in working condition

Playing on an instrument with even a minor problem is not a productive use of time and can be very frustrating. Bring your flute to a repair person yearly and take it in immediately if you notice any problems.

Music Stand

A solid music stand can make practicing much less frustrating and more productive than using a flimsy wire stand. Avoid practicing with music sitting flat on a table or desk: this will encourage poor posture and create tension in the neck from looking down, which will make it harder to breathe properly.

Flute Music

Music can be found at your local music store, Flutistry, Flute World, Flute Center of New York, Sheet Music Plus, Amazon etc.

Here are some favorites from the Hoffman Flute Studio:

Cleaning Materials

The flute needs to be swabbed out with the cleaning rod and inner swab after every time the flute is played. This will keep the pads dry which can prevent them from tearing or leaking (which will need to get repaired). Also use a polishing cloth on the outside of the flute to wipe away dirt, sweat, and oils.

Other Music Supplies

Essential for the intermediate and advanced flutist! These apps can also be used: Pro Metronome, Tonal Energy.

Recommended for virtual lessons, especially for intermediate and advanced students. You will receive more accurate and quality feedback if you can be heard clearly.


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